This lightweight foam provides a layer of cushioning for your feet. Airfoam retains it's shape giving you an instant, all-day feeling of tailor-made comfort.

Crafted to support your foot's natural movement, ULTRAFLEX uses high quality & flexible materials in the outsole, flexing with you as you move. Perfect for providing lasting comfort on the go.


Designed to meet the demands of your modern lifestyle, built-in Antishock technology reduces the impact of every step, adding extra stability so you can stay on your feet for longer.


Airport Friendly
Wide Fit

Airport Friendly footwear is designed without a metal shank, meaning shoes can be worn throughout airport security. With a lighter construction and more flexibility, our range of airport friendly shoes is prefect for regular travellers where comfort is priority.

Our Wide Fit styles have been designed to suit your unique foot shape. With a deeper and wider fit, combined with the use of our cushioned insoles, these styles provide superior cushioning and comfort to ensure the best possible and most comfortable fit.