Technology and Benefits

Technology and Benefits


Find out more about the technology used in our comfortable shoes.

Airflex Everlite Shoes

Advanced outsole materials are used to ensure our Everlite shoes are at least 25% lighter than comparable shoes. This reduces the stress and pressure on your feet so they feel less tired at the end of the day. Although lightweight, Everlite shoes still provide the same level of durability and quality as our entire Airflex collection of comfortable shoes. 

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Airflex Ultraflex Shoes

Our Ultraflex comfortable shoes have been constructed with high-tech outsole materials and unique construction methods in order to maximise shoe flexibility. This flexibility promotes natural foot movement as well as reduces foot fatigue over long periods of time.

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Energy Pod System
Energy Pod System

Our Energy Pod System consists of a shock absorbent pod strategically placed in the heel region of the shoe, where impact with the ground is greatest. When the heel strikes the ground, the impact and shock is absorbed and evenly dispersed leading to reduced stress and shock in the key joint areas.

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Simply watch the videos below to learn even more about our unique Airflex comfy shoe technologies.

Ultraflex Technology

Energy Pod System

Everlite Technology

What is in our Ultraflex technology range?

Flexifit Technology

Testing our Airflex shoes

Flexifit Airflex Shoes
Flexifit - Orthotic Friendly Shoes

Our Flexifit styles have been designed with a removable sock which allows for a wider fit and the use of orthotics. In addition, the leather memory foam insoles provide superior cushioning and comfort.

Xtreme Comfort Airflex Shoes
Xtreme Comfort

Our Xtreme Comfort collection are our most comfortable shoes. They contain advanced insock materials used to maximise comfort and breathability. In turn, this reduces foot fatigue and ensures comfort around the entire foot leading to a superior fit.

Orthotic Friendly
Orthotic Friendly Shoes

Our Orthotic friendly shoes have been designed with a removable sock to allow the use of orthotics without compromising on style. Our orthotic friendly shoe collection has been specifically designed to be noticed for style, chosen for comfort.