Mothers Day


Q&A: Sallie Hoypoy

In honour of Mother’s Day we sat down with one of our favourite head office mums Sallie Hoypoy. A proud mother of 4 beautiful girls, she has been working for the Betts Group for nearly 15 years, beginning her journey in store with our Betts Kids brand before migrating to head office where she joined the Planning team. Below we ask her a few questions about her favourite parts of being a mum.

Mothers Day

What roles have you held in your time here?

I started as a part time Sales Assistant and quickly moved into being a Store Manager. When I moved across into Head Office I started in Allocation then after about 18months I moved into Planning and I have worked in almost every department from Ladies to Kids, Handbags, Shoe Care and now Mens. 5 years ago I didn’t even know what a planner was and now I love my job and the huge impact we have on so many aspects of how the business works. It is a very dynamic and challenging role that is constantly evolving and growing.

How do you balance your work and being a mum?

I’m still not sure I ever get the balance right, but it’s much easier now all of the kids are in full time school. I mostly work school hours which is fantastic as I am able to pick them all up in the afternoon and start the juggling act of sports practice, music lessons, play dates, homework, dinner and everything else that needs to be done. I love the flexibility of being able to work part time and still be a full time mum. I feel like I get the best of both worlds.

How do you best describe your style? Do you think it has changed since being a mum?

Style? I’m not really sure that I have one! I really just grab whatever is washed, ironed and actually hanging in the closet! I love working in a fashion company though and being surrounded by so many amazing fashion styles.

What is the best of advice that your mum passed on to you which you will pass on to your children?

My mum always encouraged my sisters and I to be ourselves and not follow what everyone else was doing. I definitely pass that on to my girls as it’s such a great life lesson.

What do you and your children enjoy doing most together?

Probably sports. My girls and I play netball in winter and softball in summer and my husband and I also both coach. Most weekends you can find us at a sporting ground, however we really just enjoy hanging outdoors together as a family.

Mothers Day
Mothers Day

What is your funniest memory with your children?

There are so many. Kids always have a way of coming out with the craziest, most embarrassing things. Only yesterday my youngest daughter Imogen was singing along to the radio and sang “I’ve got tissues, but you got ‘em too.” We were all in fits of laughter and smile every time we hear Julia Michaels song “Issues.”

What is your proudest moment as a mum?

My eldest daughter Zoe turns 16 this month and she coached her two youngest sister’s softball team this year and they won their grand final. It was so nice to see them all interacting happily and to see her sharing her knowledge with the younger players. I looked at her and thought “Wow. I have done something right!” It makes all the years of getting out of bed early on a Saturday morning worth it.

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