How to go sockless in shoes


Go Sockless in Summer

With the exception of a final few rainy Spring days, Summer is almost upon us so it is time to reorganise your wardrobe and store away those winter boots to make room for stylish loafers, sneakers and boat shoes.

When styling your new shoes for the summer season going sockless is the most stylish option and an easy fix for staying cool when the weather’s not. However it isn’t that simple so in this post we have put together a helpful guide on how to go sockless.

How to go sockless

1. Don’t actually go sockless

Perhaps the most helpful tip of them all is to not actually go sockless, doing so can lead to discomfort for your feet and smelly shoes. Instead, choose our Invisi Socks which disappear once shoes are put on. They are designed with an elasticated heel collar to keep the fit comfortable and secure while the slim silhouette ensures they are undetectable.

2. Wear cropped trousers

There is no point in going sockless if your chosen trousers or pants dip lower than your ankle and cover your shoes, because no one will notice. Opt for a shorter leg when purchasing trousers for the season or have them tailored to the perfect length to show the desired amount of skin. When wearing jeans or chinos simple roll up the hems for a considered casual look.

3. Wear Tapered Trousers

In order to pull off the sockless look, careful consideration needs to go into your choice of trousers. You can’t go wrong in a slim fit trouser or jean as they offer a more streamlined and flattering silhouette that will compliment your shoes.

4. Consider the occasion

Before going sans socks make sure to consider your whole outfit and the occasion because it is one thing to go sockless with a pair of boat shoes and chino shorts on a summer day, than it is when you’re wearing a pair of black derby shoes and dark suiting for an evening event.

How to go sockless in shoes

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