Two Corporate Girls


Q&A: Two Corporate Girls

With many of us spending 8+ hours every day in corporate attire, there’s no reason why we should have to sacrifice our sense of style for the office environment. We recently spoke to Beckie and Sophie from Two Corporate Girls (find them on Instagram here) whose envious outfits have the perfect balance of business and chic, and asked them a couple of questions about their personal style and their tips for corporate dressing.

1. How do you plan your outfits for the working week?

We find it most simple to set aside 5 minutes before bed each night to figure out what we are feeling for tomorrow's attire. We take into consideration the weather (yes we even check the weather), our daily schedules and what sort of comfort the day is potentially going to require.

2. What advice would you give someone who would like to introduce more fashion elements into their corporate wardrobe?

We would advise someone to consider accessorising, if they are looking to add more fashion elements to their wardrobe. Whether it is a belt, scarf or set of simple dangling earrings - these little accessories can go a long way! You definitely don't need to spend a fortune to spice up your wardrobe.

3. How would you describe your personal style?

We like to think of our style as simple, classic and chic. We keep our colours and skirts appropriate and always ensure we look clean and crisp.

4. What is the one outfit in your closet that never lets you down?

An outfit which NEVER lets us down, are our navy pant suits. Especially when we mean business.

5. How would you take your new Airflex heels from a day in the office to after work drinks?

The shoes we have selected from Airflex are prefect for the office and after work drinks! Styled with either pants, a skirt or dress - simply remove that blazer, let your hair down and prepare yourself for a night of comfort! We couldn't recommend them any higher.

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